Seven kinds of daily necessities easily into bacteria lurking places

A wallet.

Banknotes are often covered with germs from one hand to another hand only covered with germs, above carry many germs. Many people often put your wallet in your pocket, so more suitable for bacteria breeding. Cleaning sponge Therefore, wash your hands after going to run out of wallet.
2, the remote control.
Many people ignore the remote control, disinfection, seminars demonstrate high levels of bacteria on the remote control, especially the hotel in the remote control. At least once a week, it is recommended to scrub the remote control, if the patient had applied, it is necessary to rub a few times.
3, washing machine.
An underwear about 0.1 g secretions, equivalent to 100 million E. coli bath balls, these bacteria will adhere to the washing machine. Therefore, when the first wash clothes on the washing machine with bleach to disinfect disposal, then put clothes in a bag.
4, chopping board.
Chopping board secretions bacteria than a toilet seat more than 200 times, it is suggested, cut finished food, the best and then wash the surface of the food.
5, Tel.
Bacteria not only from his hands, saliva is also an important history, bath sponge and we have not always tidy telephone habits, and this is the reason the microphone even dirtier.
6, water fountains.
In general, the dispenser is wetted surface bacteria and viruses multiply ambition places. Seminar flashed, water dispenser faucet germs than toilet seats
7, the button.
Automatic teller machines, elevators, telephones and drinking fountains on the button, the days of many bacteria and viruses. Elevator button on the first layer dirtiest.

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