How to properly use a wire clean ball

     Scrub like glassware, for some difficult to remove the dirt we do not clean the ball vigorously scrub. It is best to wipe with a cotton rag, if too much oil, you can also pour a little vinegar to wipe. While the plastic cutlery is not vigorously scrub with steel ball clean, so easy to wipe the dish surface protective film for containing high oil temperature foods affect our body damage.
     There will wash the rice cooker, because of its release liner coated with a protective film, if the ball with a clean scrub, wipe off the protective film will be the next time it is easy to stick cooking pot. For stainless steel appliances is the same reason, many people feel relatively thick stainless steel skin with a wire scourer scrub also cynical. In fact, this approach is very easy to scratch the surface of the stainless steel cutlery, tableware affect the appearance of

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