PVA Product Benefits

PVA Products:
1, this product has super absorbent, dry quickly and easily in water, an ordinary towel absorbent than 8 times
2, with excellent adsorption, easy and efficient removal of objects deep grease dirt, not moldy, not bad, durable
3, fine texture, soft and comfortable, feel good, to effectively prevent scratches delicate surfaces without leaving dander
4, environmental protection PVA materials, was hard lumps when dry to prevent bacteria invade and multiply
5, the product material quality, and after pressing bronzing, noble upscale, sophisticated and beautiful. Applicable for car care and cleaning towel, dry hair towel, travel towel, beauty care towel, sports towel and swimming dedicated
6, environmental health, durability, service life is more than eight times the ordinary towel
Instructions for use:
1, After removing the packaging, make the skin towel dipped in clean water rinse thoroughly, then wring Use
2, for continued use, place the skin towel placed on your packing barrel, in order to maintain sufficient softness and wet state
3, when the paper towel persistence in air, into lumps state, before it is used in this invasion soaked in a little rub, that instantly restore Gentle

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