Cleaning products industry has developed rapidly into a green and healthy development trend

    For the cleaning industry, there are two things that are essential, that is, cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies. Cleaning equipment, cleaning equipment, we recommend that R & D experts can invent produce fewer greenhouse gas cleaning equipment. For cleaning supplies, cleaning supplies natural green already come out, but we have not been promoted and applied it. The understanding of the cleaning industry, the most important thing is to participate in actions to save the planet, together with the use of green cleaning products to curb global warming.
    Green cleaning products are made from natural substances, is the world have recognized the Earth's environment safe cleaning supplies. And now widely applied chemical cleaning products or more. Chemical cleaning products is more dangerous, because a lot of chemical substances, not only pollute the environment but also harmful to human health. Because household cleaning supplies, frequent contact with air, water and soil, it can count pirate flora and fauna, drinking water and food.
    The reason why these cleaning products harmful to human health, because they contain hazardous ingredients include, nerve toxins, carcinogens, allergens, central nervous system depressants, heavy metals such as these substances can cause difficulty breathing humans, reproductive abnormalities and allergic reactions and other issues .
    Household cleaning products harmful ingredients into the environment ways: sewer, air circulation, trash. Surprising is that many harmful cleaning supplies into the land or incinerated, when they release toxins into the environment and cause the ozone hole, pollution of groundwater, contaminated soil, endangering flora and fauna.
    Choose natural cleaning products to support warming, save the planet, we humans do a little modest.
    China cleaning industry developed rapidly, from simple clean sweep spilled product development and other cleaning supplies to personal care products, household cleaning supplies and even the basic necessities of health care products and other aspects of multinational enterprises in technology, capital, management and other aspects of the introduction of the concept of China cleaning industry plays an important role in promoting development.
However, the European debt crisis intensified by foreign and domestic real estate into a double recession adversely affected, cleaning supplies industry has also entered a "winter" phase, a number of small and medium overwhelmed cleaning supplies businesses struggling persisted, difficult access to development space, and throughout the entire cleaning products industry development trend is not optimistic.
    In order to save the market, seeking cleaning supplies development, the medium and small enterprises are cleaning supplies cleaning supplies will lead the market to pick up how to put on the agenda.
    Cleaning supplies cleaning supplies business only actively explore the development of the market rules, traced the problem to identify the root, in order to revive the glory of the mighty cleaning products industry continued Chipin mall in cleaning supplies, thereby creating a success, new life!
    To promote innovation as the core competitiveness of brand development route
Summary At present, China cleaning supplies enterprise development features are: large size of the market, sales system complexity, cumbersome management structure, brand clutter and so on. To solve these problems, cleaning supplies companies must be based on innovation as the core competitiveness, innovation and products designed to meet consumer demands, and also to promote the brand's long-term development path from the root of all problems will be resolved one by one, so as to cleaning supplies to ensure sustainable development of the market down.
    So, to make innovation the first is to attract the best talents, which is the basis for innovation and development conditions. As an enterprise to increase the personnel strength of the economic investment, especially manufacturers to do business is the only way to improve product quality, product design beyond the traditional framework, to produce products more in line with the market, thereby winning consumer by market recognition and support.
    Technology to enhance the quality of multi-channel open ma rket
    Today green, environmentally clean technologies continue to launch, rising living standards in our country today, whether from landscaping, energy saving, or life needs from the perspective of people to relax and a large rural surplus labor, the overall progress of clean industries market has become an indispensable driving force of economic development.
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